Dragonfly Wood Pendant

Dragonfly Wood Pendant

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Stunning copper backed wooden pendant with abalone shell inlays

The 'Philosopher'
Dragonflies symbolize an ever changing spirit, able to see through life’s illusions, provoking deep thought and compassion.

The dragonfly inhabits two realms, water and air.  Just as light can bend, shift and be adapted in variety of ways, so can the archetypal forces associated with the dragonfly.

Historically, West Coast indigenous peoples would adorn themselves with striking jewelry made of wood, copper, bone, shell, and various types of stone or gems. These pieces would normally have a meaning or story behind them reflecting the personality or experience of the wearer.

The traditional jewelry designs come in Walnut. Every piece contains hand inlayed abalone shell harvested from a sustainable source. Also every piece is backed in copper. This metal is sacred to us and offered at potlatches, and in ceremony, as the highest sign of respect. Copper is also known by many to have healing qualities

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